Regional Federatin of Pensioners' Association


ZDUS is a non-governmental umbrella organization bringing together 503 local pensioner organizations and clubs. With more than 233.000 members, it is the largest membership organization in Slovenia. It was founded in 1946.
Main objectives:

  • Active, productive, creative and independent life for older people as long as possible;
  • Recognition of the potential of knowledge and experiences of older people for the faster development of the society;
  • Humane last period of life achieved through solidarity of the society and self-help activities of older people;


  • Health promotion in older population in Slovenia;
  • Sport, recreational, cultural and social gatherings in local communities;
  • Advocacy for older people’s needs on local, national and international level;
  • Combating poverty of older population by bringing their problems into the public eye and lobbying for their rights;
  • Support for intergenerational collaboration and understanding;
  • Organization/management of self-help activities among older people;
  • Active ageing and lifelong learning projects;

Sources of financing:

  • Membership fees, the National Lottery Fund, the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs, the National Pension Fund, the ownership stake in the Delfin Hotel in Izola, local communities and several calls for projects on all levels (ministries, agencies, EU).

Since 2004 ZDUS has been running the project “Older people for better quality of life at home”, involving over 2400 volunteers who help older people, who live in their own households to stay independent as long as possible .
Since 2005 ZDUS has been actively involved in various international and EU funded projects.
ZDUS is a member of several international organizations for older people: EURAG - European Federation for Older people, AGE Platform Europe – European network of organizations of and for people aged 50 + and Eurocarers.

ZDUS and the NET-Age Project

It actively contributes to the reach of NET- Age results improving the capacity of volunteering organizations to play a strategic role in the design, implementation, development and government of social services. ZDUS ( in Goriška region)in fact represents a crucial partner in the territory involving 13 local Associations of pensioners, 251 volunteer already involved in the project Elderly for Elderly, where healthy older volunteers regularly visit people aged over 69 in their local environment, monitoring their quality of life and organizing assistance if needed with goal to give support to those people, supporting them to stay in their own homes as long as possible. This experience represents an added value and a good practice for the other FB. Besides, it is already connected with public offices responsible for the assistance to older people.


Street: Kebetova ulica 9
City: Ljubljana
General telephone number: +386 1 5152957
Name of the contact person: Jerneja Ternovec
Position in the entity: Project Coordinator
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Telephone number: +386 41 697428
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