Regional Council of Lezha



Regional Council of Lezha employees by total 43 personnel. It coordinates the work between central and local institutions for the solving of problems that deal with public and social services.The main priorities of the Regional Council of Lezha are:

  • Drafting of regional development policies and their integration with national policies;
  • Identification and promotion of main values of the region;
  • The development of the region, based on effective use of the natural and human resources, as well as on the contribution of different donors and interest stakeholders.

As affirmed in the Regional Development Concept (Jun2010) the Council is deeply engaged to face the internal demographic changes and that have had a significant impact in field of social affairs, leading to a shift of attention towards the creation of the needed conditions and infrastructure for a better social life.
Partially, it is financed by State budget. Budget is 115.927 thousand lekes. Regional Council of Lezha has a recent experience in IPA/CBC projects.
The mayor experiences coherently with NET-Age related focus are in projects funded by International donors as UNDP, the Swiss Cooperation in the framework of DLDP program: Decentralization and Local Development Programme in the Shkodra and Lezha Region pjt (DLDP II); REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME pjt (funded by the Swiss Cooperation Office and Austria Government) aiming at contributing to equita-ble social development in Shkodra and Lezha Region.

The Region Council of Lezhe is the NET-Age FB4.
The presence of Region Council of Lezhe is a real added value for the project as wll as for the Caritas Albania and territory. Thanks to its institutional role it ensures the correct achievement of project results and implementation of project activities, ensuring that pjt activities reach out the target group who would potentially benefit more from engagement by the local community, sparking the creation of community networks and groups that provide opportunities for active ageing and social participation, to motivate, encourage and organize people within their community to be more active and healthy, building social and political network with private-volunteering stakeholders. Thanks to its long experiences in the pjt implementation of social services and as institutional partner it plays a key role in all project activities (in particular in the definition of recommendations and white paper, to strengthen capacities, competences and skills of public institution,to improve the sustainability of social protection system,to favor development and spread of innovative social and health services for ageing people to guarantee active, healthy and independently ageing. As PCC it takes part to all 3 mobility rounds and benefits from lessons learnt, knowledge gained during mobility and training session and at the same time it actively contributes to building up the NET-Age Adriatic CBC Network.

Regional Council of Lezha and NET-Age Project

The communication manager during the whole project is responsible for:

  • Communication management and saving the public image of Net-Age through the entire time of its implementation;
  • Collaboration with the Project Communication Manager (Udruga Mi – Partner Responsible of Component 2 – Communication and dissemination activities) and with LB and the other partners’ communication managers (sending feedbacks on contents drafted for the website and for communication materials, for newsletters etc..);
  • Dissemination, raising awareness regarding the project, ensuring the effective visibility of the project and expected results towards local authorities, Volunteering NGO and to the wide range of public;
  • Identifying and setting contacts with the mass media aiming the participation of in different panels on TV stations, radio and press releases, interviews in different newsletters. Support in the organization of press conference during the event in Lezhe (July 2013);
  • Draft articles for project newsletter in english – if request by the project Communication Manager (Udruga Mi). Translate and disseminate the project newsletter to local stakeholders;
  • Press releases after 6 months, two articles in national and regional magazines(at least 1 per year),press release every six month for the project activities implemented so far+ at least 1 press release to promote the final conference –in national languages;
  • Keeping up-to date the webpage and facebook page of NetAge sending information, news, materials for workshops, training sessions, study visits and other documents related with the projects – in English;
  • Responsible for translation and dissemination of promotional materials, leaflets, brochures: etc.;
  • Participant in events such as conferences, workshops, training sessions in local level, national and international;
  • Identify n. 4 speaking opportunities where NET-Age project will be presented and disseminated;
  • Support in the organization and promotion of capitalization workshop (n.2) target to policymakers;
  • Support in the organization and promotion of the conference target to policymakers (WP5);
  • Support in drafting the progress report and project progress report for the session related to communication activities ;

Project Manager tasks and responsibilities are:

  • Prepares technical and financial reports of the project;
  • In the framework of the project with PRAG rules, prepares, submits for approval the required legal documents in the Ministry of European Integration, First Level Control Unit;
  • Will be responsible for keeping and disposal of all data in Management Information System-MIS;
  • Organizes project activities and the workshops according to the WorkPackages of the Project;
  • Other tasks required by Regional Council of Lezha- Chairman-as a partner in this project;


Duties of Financial Manager are:

  • Prepare narrative and financial reports of the project in close cooperation with the Project-Manager;
  • Provides support for monitoring and reporting on the project;
  • Ensure implementation of project activities, including the preparation of meetings, information, advertising activities, reporting, etc..;
  • Provides reporting and financial management in the context of the grant, in coordination with the Department of Finance in the Regional Council of Lezha;
  • Elaboration of activity, monitoring and evaluation reports, in coordination with the Lead Beneficiary staff and elderly policies experts;


Assistant Manager:

  • Assistant Manager assist and facilitate the tasks and duties of the Financial Manager in relation with the project activities and working packages.


Street: Sheshi ”Gjergj Kastrioti” Lezhe - Albania
City: Lezhe
Region: Lezha Region
General telephone number: 00355 215 22470
Name of the contact person: Marie Marku
Position in the entity: Communication Manager
Telephone number: 00355 696675706
Fax number: 00355 21522470
Organization’s website: