Novi Sad Humanitarian Centre


Novi Sad Humanitarian Centre (NSHC) is a non-profitable, charitable organization which contributes to creating a humane society by providing support for the vulnerable and marginalized groups, encouraging activism, conducting research and providing education. In partnership with governmental and non-governmental sector, NSHC contributes to the development of non-formal education, health promotion, improvement of social policy and employment policy in Serbia.
NSHC was founded in Novi Sad in 1998. Our associates are psychologists, social workers, medical doctors, education specialists, professors, economists and other professionals. NSHC's projects are financed by donations coming from international non-governmental organizations and from the Provincial and Republic government. Volunteers and citizens support our work with their contributions.

Since its foundation NSHC has been working with the elderly, providing various services to this population and promoting active ageing. At the beginning, our focus was on the most vulnerable individuals affected by war and poverty: we provided material, psychosocial, and medical assistance to elderly persons from refugee and local population. In 2002, NSHC was among the first non-governmental organizations to start home care services in Novi Sad. These activities continued over the years, with funding from various sources (mainly international donors), resulting in more than 500 elderly persons in Novi Sad and other municipalities of Vojvodina province receiving services from NSHC.

Today NSHC is participating in a programme “Info Centre for the Elderly” funded by the City of Novi Sad, and continues to provide home care services.


Novi Sad Humanitarian Centre and the NET-Age Project

NSHC will be involved in all project activities; specifically within WP 4 (Cross Border Network setting and joint development of innovative tools for governance and capacity building), together with FB1, NSHC will be coordinator of Training and mobility working group. The Training WG will monitor the correct implementation of Programme. Based on questionnaires from participants, FB1 and FB9 will evaluate the effectiveness of study visits programme and reaching of the goals.



Street: Arse Teodorovica 3
City: Novi Sad 21000
Region: Republic Serbia, Province of Vojvodina
General telephone number: + 381 21 423 021; 423 024 
Name of the contact person: Danijela Korac-Mandic
Position in the entity: Programme Coordinator
Telephone number: + 381 69 665 421
Fax number: + 381 21 423 021
Organization’s website: