Association for Democratic Prosperity


Association for Democratic Prosperity - Zid (acronym: ADP - Zid) is a civil society organization established 1996 based in Podgorica, Montenegro. ADP-Zid has 6 full time positions and Training Pull team of 10 active trainers. A large number of volunteers are actively involved in project activities of the organization and very often some of those activities are initiated by themselves. ADP-Zid is one of the strongest and most influential CSO in Montenegro. ADP - Zid is focused on the programs oriented toward development and the social responsibilities of all stakeholders in the community. All these programs are based on the principles of non-discrimination, life-long learning and equal opportunities for all, and also on the organizational values such as participation, innovation, creativity, solidarity and activism of citizens.

ADP - ZID is working on different projects and activities within the following programs:

  •  Voluntary Service of Montenegro;
  •  Community Development;
  •  Social responsibility;
  •  Youth and active citizenship;
  •  International cooperation and EU integration;
  •  Pubic polices and legislation and civil society development.;

ADP - Zid initiated a program of volunteer centre in 2000 in order to promote and develop volunteerism in Montenegro. ADP – Zid was an initiator of development of “National Strategy for Voluntarism development” in Montenegro, adopted by the Government in October 2009. ADP-Zid is resource centre for volunteerism in Montenegro. ADP-Zid renders assistance and capacity building to CSO’s, Institutions and companies in process of voluntary service development and establishment of voluntary management. ADP-Zid developing community and social services with Institutions and CSO’s based on community needs. During last two years period, ADP-Zid developed more than thirty (30) social and community services in nine (9) municipalities in Montenegro.


ADP and the NET-Age Project


Trough realization of NET-Age project, it improves the quality and accessibility to social care protection services delivered by new public/private partnership at National level. As National Voluntary Service it promotes innovative services to elderly through the exchange of technical and government expertise and the exchange of best practice between volunteering associations and local/public authorities. ADP-Zid’s added value is giving to its role to actively contribute to increase development and spread of innovative social and health services for ageing people to guarantee active, healthy and independently ageing trough different activities especially in cooperation with Institute for Public Health. To empower voluntary organizations trough concrete actions, it encourages public-volunteering partnership as part of Social Responsibility in community as well as cross-border partnership consolidating in the NET-Age Adriatic Network.


Street: Gojka Radonjica 32, P.O. box 370
City: Podgorica
Region: Montenegro
General telephone number: +382 20 207 130
Name of the contact person: Sanda Rakocevic
Position in the entity: Coordinator for Social Responsibility Programs
Telephone number: +382 20 207 130; +382 67 210 848
Fax number: +382 20 207 131
Organization’s website: