In this section you can consult all documents concerning the outputs achieved by the NET-Age Partners

The two primary outputs of the project are:

  1. Criteria and Common template for the local mapping:
    One of the NET-Age objective is to analyze the state of art of the NET-Age regions to enhance the level of awareness and information on the services and policies target to elderly, the role of volunteering in each territory, to evaluate if exist a balance between the quality of social&health services-users access-level of expenditures. To do that,firstly, the two partners in each region are closely collaborating to map regional human and financial resources, policies and services committed for senior home care. The first step for the realization of the local mapping was the definition of the criteria and of common template to carry out a local/regional mapping.
    The mapping criteria and template are available HERE.

  • Partners are mapping the main stakeholders, policies and end-users needs. The data collection will be finalized by the end of May 2013;
  • SWOT Analsis in order to assess the results of the local mapping. Download HERE;
  • Dissemination of outputs and presentation of findings to major stakeholders at local, IPA and EU level;