The NET-Age activities put in place the basis of the Adriatic CBC Network where public and non–profit stakeholders from each region work in close collaboration to deliver innovative social - health services to older people. They steadily exchange experiences and know - how, continuously increasing the competencies and skills and in the long term reduce territorial inequalities in the Adriatic area. Starting from the identification of the lack of cooperation among public - private actors, NET-Age project overcomes the obstacles to integrate policies in a multidisciplinary approach, around a fundamental networking activities summarized in the JOINT ACTION PLAN-JAP. The JAP includes the main actions to be realized at cross border level:

  1. Specific training modules for non – profit (volunteering) associations and for policymakers to support the institutional consolidation and capacity building process;
  2. Mobility Programme the participants coming from the 6 involved countries to have a direct knowledge of different Social policies in the field of the involvement of volunteering in health care and assistance-home care for elderly. Their exchange of experience and transfer of competencies will be facilitated in order to capitalize their approach;
  3. Networking activities: both at local level (organization of capitalization workshop, seminars and event with key stakeholders) and at cross-border level thanks to six-montly internal meetings;

During the NET-Age project, beneficiaries from each Region will implement at local level a series of activities using bottom- up approach, stimulating the debate on social issues, analysing the framework of the current social - health policies and implementing a PILOT ACTION to test the joint planning and delivering of social - health services to elderly.